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DR. Effie Chow interviewed on revolutionarizing health care with Chow Qigong.

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Hear our invited guests and members of Global Healing Alliance describe the revolutionary innovations needed and required to transform how health and healing are achieved with Integral Empowerment Model of care. 


“Sharon Kleyne Hour” is an internationally syndicated weekly radio show with a global reach of 3.5 million listeners.

  • Dame Dr. Effie Chow Monday, January 7th 
  • Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook Monday January 14th, 2019.

Show Time: Every Monday from 10-11AM Pacific Time, 1pm EST
Attached are some of the show information for your reference. 
We are truly excited to have Dr. Effie and Dr. MJ on the show!

Press Release

Special notifications of significant events impacting our mission. SHIFT NETWORK WINTER OF WELLNESS FREE EVENT!

January 15 from 1 to 1:30 pm listen to Dr. Effie Chow Shift Network speak on the power of QiGong to heal and change the trajectory of illness to health. Here her remarkable stories!


Check out the video that capture the advances of the work of grand master Dr. Effie Chow the power of qi Part 2. English and Korean.

Part 2 Supreme Master TV

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Join us for updates and information weekly to explore new options for regaining or maintaining health. Also there will be tips for CAM practitioners with suggestions unique to their pathway to also offer additional information that can enrich your journey.