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Revolutionizing Health Care

Committees Leadership

Program and Policy

Effie Chow

Dr. Effie Chow is the chair and spiritual guide for the program and policy committee based on her extensive career guiding the impact of complementary and alternative medicine to connect together as equal team members with Western and Eastern practitioners.

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Mary Jo Bulbrook

Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook leads the committee focused on education including university opportunities from bachelors, masters and doctoral education to continuing education. Includes both online and in person teaching of both energy therapies and natural health.

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Rose Hong

Executive Director Rose Hong of Global Dragon TV oversees communnication and marketing for GHA. Through her leadership and dedication she has expanded worldwide the power of connection and leadership in the industry.

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Committee & Program Options

Triangle of Health - Body, Emotion-Mind, Spirit

Program & Policy

  • Policy
  • Programs
  • Annual Global Healing Summit / Conference
  • Client Care
    • Find a Practitioner
    • Ask Health Questions Natural Health Solutions Database    
    • Medical Affiliations
    • Hospital & Medical Clinic
    • Medical Professional Liaison

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  • Webinars
  • Student Guidance
    • Mentorship
    • Internship
    • Volunteer
  • University Continuing Education
  • CEU's
  • E-learning
  • Approved Education Programs
  • Research Linkages

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Communication & Marketing

  • Publicity
    • Newsletters
    • Press Release
    • Membership Database
    • Member of the Month
  • Fund Raising
  • VIP Outreach
  • Membership

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